TPT Safe-Carry Inserts

Style:TPT Inserts (Original Version)

TPT & TPT SLIDE Safe-Carry Inserts (4 Pcs)

If you are looking to replace a damaged or lost insert for your Titanium Pocket Tool , or simply want to have some added versatility in a standard utility knife, these inserts are for you. These inserts can also be left inside your tool and not interfere when using the bottle opening feature, cheers!

"TPT SLIDE" NOTICE: While the "Original Version" TPT inserts will fit inside our newest TPT version that we call the "TPT Slide", you WILL need to remove the insert to use the bottle opening function on the TPT Slide if you are using the TPT inserts inside the TPT Slide. If you are using the TPT Slide "V2" inserts you do not have to remove anything. The original TPT inserts have 3 notches on top and the TPT Slide have 2 so they sit forward a bit more in the TPT Slide. 

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