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At FRENCH GIRL, we believe in the power of self-care and conscious consumption to create a healthier worldview and a better world. Through organic, sustainable ingredients, ethical business practices, and a fair trade, cruelty-free supply chain, it is our mission to support the Earth, to celebrate self-love, and to make life beautiful. 

What Clean Beauty Means to FRENCH GIRL

Our purpose and passion is to create luxurious products for everyday self-care, which requires continued research and sourcing of high-quality ingredients that are not only sustainable for the planet but also their producers. Environmental impacts, fair trade, and labor practices are all a part of the clean beauty equation.

Since our beginnings we have been proponents of water-free formulations that use only botanical extracts (such as Aloe Vera) and herb and flower distillates to replace water in our recipes.

Aging Gracefully  

Inspired by nature and its potent ingredients, FRENCH GIRL products promote healthy aging by employing time-tested ingredients and extraction methods. Methods include: organic cold-pressed oils that retain all of the antioxidants and fatty acids essential to skin health and floral hydrosols that contain many of the same benefits as the essential oils from which they are distilled. We use clean, therapeutic salts that contain important trace minerals from ancient seas and source traditionally harvested French Grey salt from the clay-lined salt ponds in the Guérande region of France. Our organic flower powders, some of which are ground in-house and used to formulate our bestselling floral facial polishes, provide luscious scent and texture that elevate their use into a spa-like experience. 

Planetary Love 

Our supply chain is entirely cruelty-free. We manufacture in-house and ensure that the suppliers of our raw ingredients do not test on animals. And of course, our entire product line of luxury skincare is Tested on French Girls, Never on Animals. FRENCH GIRL is committed to offering beautifully curated, hand-crafted products with sustainable luxury in mind. All of our beauty and skincare products are thoughtfully created to provide an opulent, multi-sensory experience of guilt-free indulgence.

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Rose Lip Polish-French Girl-Seven Hills Outfitters
Rose Lip Polish
Le Lip Tint - Aphrodesie-French Girl-Seven Hills Outfitters
Le Lip Tint - Aphrodesie
Le Lip Tint - Veronique-French Girl-Seven Hills Outfitters
Le Lip Tint - Veronique
Rose Sea Polish - Smoothing Treatment-French Girl-Seven Hills Outfitters
Rose Sea Polish - Smoothing Treatment
Le Lip Tint - Rose Noire-French Girl-Seven Hills Outfitters
Le Lip Tint - Rose Noire
Le Lip Tint - Claire-French Girl-Seven Hills Outfitters
Le Lip Tint - Claire
Eau De Néroli - Néroli Floral Mist-French Girl-Seven Hills Outfitters
Eau De Néroli - Néroli Floral Mist
Néroli Crème Fraîche-French Girl-Seven Hills Outfitters
Néroli Crème Fraîche
Lumière Ambre - Body Glow Oil-French Girl-Seven Hills Outfitters
Lumière Ambre - Body Glow Oil