The DryCase


The DryCase vacuum sealed waterproof case keeps your electronics and virtually any other product protected from water while you are swimming, diving, boating and more. NOW it is one of the best ways to shield from germ contamination during this pandemic. The DryCase uses vacuum seal technology to ensure a watertight and airtight seal every time. Simply wipe down the case between uses to keep it sanitized! Best of all, you'll still be able to use your touch screen to text or make calls, and the crystal clear covering makes taking pictures a breeze. When you purchase the DryCase, you will also receive a small hand pump, neoprene armband and lanyard. The Small DryCase is best for keeping your phone, wallet, ID, cards, keys, passports, etc. dry while being around water, traveling or even just going on your morning jog. The Large DryCase is best for keeping your tablet, important documents, electronic equipment, sporting gear and even handguns dry from the outdoor elements.

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