4 Tips for Indoor Glamping

4 Tips for Indoor Glamping

Sometimes the weather isn't going your way. Other times, you just need to change up your evening routine. Either way, we have some great tips and products to make an "indoor campout" relaxing and enjoyable.

1. Set the mood!

Not in the way you may be thinking ;) ... or maybe it is... up to you ;)

One of the best ways to set the "campout mood" is to dim the lights, and fire up some flames. Candles are GREAT, and so are these awesome Baby & Micro Fire Pits from H&K Designs from Colorado.

These "Baby Fire Pits" can be used indoors or outdoors. They're odorless, smokeless, and nontoxic. You can even use them to make s'mores right in your living room! Click HERE to check them out!

When it comes to the candles, scent is paramount. The sense of smell is one of the biggest triggers of memory. So, whether you want to make sure you remember your great "glamp-in," or you want to conjure up the smell of the outdoors, pick your scent wisely. We have a few of our favorites below.

2. Unplug!

Many of us are guilty of staring at screens too long, even in our downtime. Take your indoor camping night as a chance to get away from it!

One of the best ways to do that is to find something fun to do. Read a book, play some board games, or just chat-up your co-campers.

Check out these fun kits that can help keep you busy and relaxed.

3. Comfort Food!

For some of us, it's simple nostalgic cuisine like a s'more, a PB&J, or a southern favorite like fried chicken. We compiled a list of great camp-food recipes in a previous blog to help stir your imagination. Click HERE to check it out.

4. Set Aside Self-Care Time!

You're in for the night, why not take the chance to focus on some long-needed self-care? We have a great collection of Grooming & Self-Care items that are organic and cruelty-free. PLUS... they smell amazing and will help with the atmosphere you're trying to create.

Click the image below, or click here for the whole collection.

What would you add to the list?

Tell us in the comments!